Pompeii & Vesuvius

The beautiful bay of Naples is dominated by two important landmarks both connected by historical and cultural tradition:the archaeological site of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. The mountain was once cone shaped,much  higher,and the slopes covered in woodland and vineyards providing an innocent backdropto the town below until the eruption of 79 AD.The coach will take you up 1000 meters and from there you can take a footpath to the top (approx. 25 min.) and admire the splendid view across the bay and look deep into the blackened crater.Following the eruption of the volcano,Pompeii lay buried for hundreds of years.The town is one of the most visited sites in the word.Your local guide will walk you along the original Roman street to see the ancient shops and bars and marvel at the fabulously preserved frescoes and mosaics which adorned the walls and floors of the villas and baths and visit the Forum,the hearth of religious,commercial and judicial Roman life.Even if you interest do not lie in history,this is an archeological site which cannot fail to impress.

Please note:Entrance fees to Pompeii and Vesuvius not included.Take passport to obtain free or reduced admission where possible.Don't forget your camera,comfortable footwear,water,sun protection and hat.Limited wheelchair and buggy access.The order of the vists may vary.

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Via Nastro Verde 2, 80067 Sorrento (NA)

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From: Hotel
To: Sorrento (Piazza Tasso square / Circumvesuviana Station / Port)
From: Sorrento (Piazza Tasso square / Circumvesuviana Station / Port)
To: Hotel
From: Hotel
To: Sorrento (Piazza Tasso square / Piazza Lauro square)
From: Sorrento (Piazza Tasso square)
To: Hotel
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One way ticket EURO 1,20

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